I wanted to make my own MAME cabinet for a while but couldn't find a machine. I visited How to build your own controls site for ideas on building my own cabinet. However one day at the local auctions I found this LadyBug Cabinet and bid for it. It cost  42. It was working and was in reasonable condition. One side has no plastic veneer and the other side is half ripped off. The machine only had a joystick and player 1 & 2 buttons.
The inside of the machine was unbelievably dirty. Inside I found the original Universal settings sheet for the pcb. All the parts inside where original from 1981 and it is a shame to dismantle it particularly when it is working.
For the PC I used a AMD K6-2 450Mhz with 64mb and a 8gb hard drive. This little lot cost 250. I had a spare graphics card from a previous update on my PC. I was originally going to make use of the existing monitor using the tips  got from MrSalty's web site but could not get the picture to lock on vertical hold so decided to scrap that idea and use a 20" TV instead fed from the TV-out.
I mounted the TV using the original wood mounting plate that the monitor used. After removing the monitor it is just a square of wood with a hole for the screen that slides into slots in the cabinet. I mounted the TV by using four slats of wood to surround the TV and bolted them to the TV and the mounting plate.
This is the topside view with the glass screen removed. The TV has a remote control which I use to select the AV channel
For the controls I have connected directly to the keyboard PCB as you can see it is a bit of a mess but it works very well indeed. I also have connected the coin switches to the keyboard
I have decided to go for only three fire buttons as there are not many games requiring more than this. For the Control panel overlay I printed onto photo quality matt paper  in two sections. I then Laminated the papers and cut out the shape with a slight overlap. Over the top is a sheet of Perspex cut to size. I am quite happy with the result.
To run machine I have used ArcadeOS which is a fantastic front end to use. The game selection is excellent using the joystick, fire buttons and player selection to operate all the functions.
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