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The Archive

Welcome to the ZX81 Archive. This site has been put together in order to preserve the ZX81. The Machine which was my first computer. There are plenty of sites relating to the follow up machine the ZX Spectrum but not much on the ZX81. I will over time add to this site information & images as and when I find them. Some people may look and think what a boring machine the ZX81 was. By today's standard and indeed by standards 2 years after its launch it had become, but at the time this was an affordable machine that meant that people could own their own computer. Having a machine that could be programed to print the times table was quite interesting!!. It may seem silly now but it was great at the time. I can remember coping a hand written program from some one at school and looking forward to getting home to program it in. When the great games like 3d Monster Maze and ZX Galaxians came out it moved to another level. Included on this site are images of some 1000 zx81 programs stored in "p" files. Alot of these are silly mathmatic programs which was because you could do them. But there are some real Classics as mentioned earlier along with many more that if you had one at the time will bring the memories flooding back.

If you have anything you would like to donate please let me know. It may be some tape or even a scan of a magazine. Anything is greatfully received.

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Yes 2021 folks and i did an update. A mere 19 years since the last but hey whos counting. Anyway i now have a lovely youtube channel and you can get to it here


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My copy of VB81 the ZX81 emulator was out of date and now at version 1.30. Thanks to Chris Cowley for his excellent emulator.


Its a long time since an update but never mind. To be honest nobody has sent anything for me to add. However here is something you will all like. Its Michael Orwins tape 4. Go to the P Files section to find it.


Something new!!!. Martin has sent me his new ZX81 game. You can find it here. Glad to see it Martin. Anybody got any more??


I recieved another new p file for adventure 200 from Foilkade Software - written by C.J.Coombs sent by Patrick Beilby and Derek Parkinson. Apparently it took them 20 years to complete. I though I was slow at games!! Anyway its it the "p" files section

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