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New Features in vb81 Version 1.30
Version 1.30 contains the following new features:-
  • Significantly faster Z80 emulation core. You should have no problems running vb81 v1.30 at full speed in both SLOW and FAST modes even on a relatively low-spec Windows system
  • Improved performance of both standard and hi-res display routines.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the keyboard support which caused many games not to respond to key-presses.
  • Added new 3x display magnification option.
  • New 'Allow writes to shadow ROM area' option allows access to the 8K-16K area of the memory map. Some games use this to provide hi-resolution graphics and custom character sets (FROGGER- for example).
  • Fixed a bug in the interrupt routine that caused FRAMES to be incremented wrongly. Some games such as Rocket Man froze after a few seconds or minutes of playing.
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the Z80 emulation. I believe the CPU emulation is now 100% correct in terms of timing, flag operation, and support for undocumented opcodes -- let me know if you think otherwise!
  • Playtested against literally hundreds of ZX81 games to ensure full compatiblity. The only known problem is ZX-Xtricator, which has a custom overscanned hi-res display routine that does not yet work properly with vb81.

Other Features in vb81

  • Emulates both SLOW and FAST modes.
  • Emulates psuedo hi-res graphics routines as used by innovative games such as Forty Niner, Rock Crush, Dan's Revenge, and Rocket Man.
  • Supports loading and saving of standard ".P" tape files used by various other ZX81 emulators.
  • Includes optimised 'standand' and 'double-size' display options.
  • Emulates undocumented Z80 op codes, and correctly emulates all bits of the Flags register.
  • Native 32-bit Windows application runs under Windows 95, Windows 98, NT, and Win2K.
  • Emulates Memotech's MemoCalc spreadsheet ROM.



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